Experience Jabbrrbox debuts at NeoCon 2017

Did you know? Jabbrrbox, a new workplace solutions company is bringing privacy to commercial and public spaces, will officially launch at NeoCon 2017 (Booth 7-3107). Founded by Brian Hackathorn, a former Associate Principal at Studios Architecture, and Jeremy Jennings, an entrepreneur with a dynamic résumé that includes Fortune 500 businesses and commercial interiors brands, the company will introduce Jabbrrbox One as well as an enhanced Chromebooth version at the show. Combining integrated technology, comfort and privacy, the 48 x 48 x 90 workplace solution fills a critical void in the marketplace and is engineered for today’s increasingly mobile workforce. Specifically developed to provide accessibility for sessions longer than 15 minutes, it’s ideal for conference calls, lengthy projects, or just productive, hyper-focused work. Whether it is used during blocks of time between meetings or as a convenient quiet place to work, the Jabbrrbox offers a space to think, create, connect and recharge.

According to Hackathorn, who has over a decade of architecture and design experience, “Many of today’s workplaces are open-plan environments, which aid in collaboration, promote teamwork and keep the communication channels open. However, the downside has been a lack of privacy and an increase in distractions and noise. Jabbrrbox allows for the best of both worlds, as it offers employees a distraction free and well-designed place for productivity and concentration within an open space. In short, it brings technology and private space to ANY place.” Jennings adds, “With Jabbrrbox’s eco-friendly, ergonomic, and relaxed, quiet design, users are provided a space that brings together work and wellness. It also offers companies great flexibility, as they can relocate the structure based on needs. Since it is pre-fabricated, furnished and pre-wired, it is an instant one-step solution.”
Suitable for single occupancy Jabbrrbox One comes pre-equipped with a Philips Hue LED light strip capable of producing 16 million different colors, a Philips Hue Bridge, power outlets and USB charging ports, as well as up to 224 CFM of airflow. It is constructed and outfitted in luxe commercial grade steel and fabrics, including Camira Blazer & Camira Blazer Lite. An enterprise product, the enhanced Jabbrrbox Chromebooth integrates a 24″ Google Chromebase for seamless G Suite functionality.
The Jabbrrbox exterior is composed of powder-coated metal in nine colors. It can be ordered in custom colors, materials, and be custom wrapped. Additional sizes and models including the Jabbrrbox powered by Jabbrr will soon be available bringing private and connected work booths to multiple types of spaces.

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