Business School in the Palm of Your Hand at Strayer University


Did you know? You can obtain a college degree online via your smartphone on app. Welcome to the future ladies and gentlemen! Business school can be expensive and it can be a significant hardship (if not impossible) for working adults to take time off to jump start their careers. Recently, Jon Steinberg, CEO of Cheddar, and Karl McDonnell, CEO of Strayer Education, teamed with YourUpdateTV to discuss some alternative options for prospective students.

Online MBA programs are providing aspiring students with a flexible, more affordable alternative to traditional classroom-based courses. Taking it a step further, Strayer University is now offering a Digital Entrepreneurship MBA in collaboration with Cheddar, a new video media company, that can be completed entirely on your smartphone using Facebook as a virtual classroom. The program is geared towards digital leaders, decision makers and trendsetters.

The Digital Entrepreneurship MBA is a partnership between two disruptor CEOs –Jon Steinberg, who grew Buzzfeed’s team 3,000% while President and COO and who now heads Cheddar, a post-cable video media company focusing on business for millennials; and Karl McDonnell — CEO of Strayer Education, who is disrupting traditional forms of education via breakthrough, innovative programs at Strayer University.

Courses will be offered in the context of Strayer’s current Master of Business Administration curriculum. The nine core classes of Strayer’s existing MBA will be infused with material related to digital entrepreneurship and will feature Cheddar’s insights into the field. Students will take the three additional digital entrepreneurship-specific courses to earn the MBA with a concentration in digital entrepreneurship. Students also have the option of taking just one of the new digital entrepreneurship courses as part of Strayer’s regular, 10-course MBA.

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