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Realizing the influence and power a media company carries through its various business assets and partnerships ‘A Friend of The People’ will supply the news industry with new ambitions, new thoughts and new visions. Our mission is to truly become ‘a friend of the people’ providing them with a bright new diverse innovative perspective. Diversity matters and as a diverse team we are a melting pot of what people need and seek out in their personal insight and growth via real life experiences and factual research  better known as news.

Meet the Team

Our Events Examiners consist of the best and brightest Writers, Videographers, Staff Contributors, Photographers and Researchers in the news industry. We do what we do to make a difference in the world. The more you know, the more you grow and properly informed citizens make properly informed decisions for the greater good of humanity.

Tradinah ‘Dinah’ Truth-Seeker

Founder & CEO

CEO of the non-profit lifestyle brand #GrowthAwaitsU inclusive of the sub brands #EventsExaminer, #UrbanCheftress and #TuscaroraGoddess. She is formerly known as Baltimore Budget Events Examiner from Examiner.com, one of the best social event enthusiasts in Maryland. She is very zealous about city living and urban exploration in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas. She has a background in Applied Information Technology with a M.S. degree from Towson University and B.S. degree from University of Baltimore. When she is not busy attending social events, blogging and taking photos for AFriendOfThePeople.com. She also manages a website GrowthAwaitsU.com about personal growth through poetry, simple cooking, music, DIY projects and consumer advocacy. Such a local lifestyle guru her other professional news column can be found at CBS Local Baltimore.



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